• Ice Cream The Possibilities are Delicious

Ice Cream

We have the ability to manufacture a wide range of premium, super-premium, light, low-fat and specialty ice creams, sherbet and frozen yogurt. We can develop products using your formulations, or we can develop one for you.

We have four major production rooms:

Tub Lines: packing 500ml to 5 litre - 10% -150% overrun. Lines are setup to make sophisticated products with numerous inclusions or simple flavoured products.

Moulded Sticklines: Our 14 lane moulded stickline can be utilised for economy or premium styled products. Water ice and ice cream.

Extrusion Line: a line that can be utilised to produce innovative products such as logs/cake styles, super premium chocolate coated sticks, portion controlled slices and novelty products.

Bag In Box: Offering bulk ice cream mixes in 10 litre bladders. Our product offers you the assurance of a consistent mix each and every batch; allowing the ice cream artisan to focus on producing unique flavour offerings without the headache of developing mixes

"Our years of experience in the ice cream game and commitment to excellence, is obvious as soon as you walk through the door".